The Blood God Takes A Break

Written by: Sam Doran

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Ah, Age of Sigmar. To think, when you debuted, I was one of the people that decried you and sold off all my models in a huff because they’d “ruined” the game. Now I’m painting up a second army for the second edition, and times have changed oh so much…
I’ve always, always, ALWAYS played Chaos in Fantasy – and how could I not? Massive armoured vikings backed up by Daemons, Dragon Ogres (oh wait, “Ogors”), and all other manner of nightmare fuel is exactly what dark fantasy is all about for me. The fact that their characters are nigh-unstoppable murder machines may also have been a factor. But for this new version of the game, I fancied a bit of a change, and what’s as different as you can get from plate wearing bearded muscle men? Half-dressed lady ninjas. Enter my Daughters of Khaine.
Happily I’m not having to stray too far from the darker bits of fluff that pulled me to Chaos (choosing a faction that sacrifices hearts to the Murder God helps with that). I still get an incredibly predatory look on all of my models. Just look at the basic Witch Aelf – every angle on them screams “KILL!”. And of course, the wonderfully monstrous gorgon units, my favourite being the Bloodwrack Medusa from the Bloodwrack Shrine kit, seen here in my corn snake-inspired scheme.

I’m a massive fan of painting as a factor for choosing my army, so doing something bright and colourful on such a small frame is a good challenge and contrast to my usual dark and bulky forces like Deathwatch or Goliath gangers.
I’ve planned, bought, built, and started painting my 1k starter force, listed here:
Slaughter Queen on Cauldron
– Iron Circlet
– Zealous Orator
– Catechism of Murder
Hag Queen
– Blessing of Khaine

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Sisters of Slaughter
– Bucklers
– Handmaiden
– Hornblower
– StandardWitch Aelves
– Twin knives
– Hag
– Hornblower
– Standard
Doomfire Warlocks
– Crossbows
– Mindrazor
– Master of Warlocks
Blood Sisters
Khinerai Heartrenders
For a total of 990
I’m hoping the new General’s Handbook will give me just 10pts more to spend – the last 20pts would give me space to add in the Quicksilver Swords endless spell from Malign Sorcery. It’s such a beautiful little piece of model, and it gives me an excuse to shriek “I CAST KNIFE!” whenever I use it.
My next step is going to be adding Morathi and the Medusa up there into the force for a push to 2k, but I promised myself I’d not do that until all of this was finished.
Seriously, I promised!

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