Photography Tips: 10 Things You Should Never Do

Becoming a successful photographer takes a lot of time. You have to put in a lot of practice and effort to learn how to take photos professionally! Today we are sharing with you some photography tips that you should learn. Aside from the photography hacks to help you enhance your photos, we have here the ten well-known mistakes in photography that you should never do. Enjoy Reading!
1. Using Auto Flash Always

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The use of auto flash in all the time is a no-no. It’s a typical mistake that is so simple to fix! The auto flash will give the photo a flat and washed out result. Don’t let this to happen to your precious pictures. Natural light is still the best, get the advantage of it! Master your camera’s flash modes.
2. Ignoring Your Composition and Color Story

Have you seen a photo with a very distracting background? Always make sure to select a good background that compliments the object or people in your pictures. Select a shades of colors that help tell your subject’s story, making it unique and catchy. Check out these 5 Photos That Will Instantly Provide You a Feeling of Calm to see how good backgrounds can effect the emotions of a viewer.
3. Planning to Crop Images Later

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This is a challenge as cropping after seems like a big time saver. However, taking a picture whole allows you to have full control of the focus, light and angle –something that you miss out if you crop in post production.
4. Facing Direct Sunlight

Don’t ever make this mistake, and please avoid it! Unless you like to have a photo like this… Today, there are other ways to use sunlight for you, not like this! Taking pictures in direct sunlight makes your photo a bad one, don’t let this happen!
5. Ignoring Small Details

Sometimes we tend to forget the small details in our everyday lives, also ignoring those little details as a photographer. Be serious in capturing them. They might be your favorite memories someday.
6. Copying Ideas

Most young photographers are “too inspired” by another photographer. There are times that people don’t really intend to “copy” but it is still not okay. It’s ok to be motivated by other people, but don’t ever copy their specific designs and styles! Make something creative and beautiful with your own ideas so that you can be proud and tell anyone that it is your creation.
7. Posting All the Photos You Took Today

Do you know someone who loves to upload every single photo on social media? It seems that they didn’t have time to select the best picture. Never do this. Uploading too many pictures takes the attention away to see your best photos. Take your time in choosing your best picture before uploading it!
8. Taking Photos Exclusively During Night Time

There will be situations where night photos are needed– like an event or a party. But today if given a chance, choose to take pictures in the daytime rather at night. Even it means you should wake up early in the morning. You’ll definitely see the difference!
9. Staying at Your Comfort Zone

Don’t forget to spread out. Learn new skills and improve it. There are so many ideas and tips out there. It is important not to stop learning new things. Challenge yourself!
10. Not Printing Photos

The saddest part of living in a digital age is that lots of people no longer keep their memories! If you are only focusing yourself on showing the best images online, well, now is the time to think again. It is still good to see your happy and memorable times at home. Having a photo frame at home can make you smile anytime! You’ll love it!
Do you love taking photos? What are the things you’ve learned about photography recently? Share them in the comment section.
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