Pre-order the Arcade 1Up (advertorial)

What makes a videogame feel great? Is it the game itself, the friends you enjoy it playing with, or the machine powering the amazing experience that you’re completely engrossed in?
For most of us, the answer is all three. And if you happened to chance upon a bustling amusement arcade during your youth then you’ll fully understand why.
Games played on a classic arcade cabinet seemed to come alive. They’d pull you in with graphics that would pop from the screen and provide robust, chunky controls that perfectly complemented the game.
Above all else, though, they would entice you with audio that would not only scream to be heard over the sounds from other games but compete with the chatter and laughter filling the room.

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That’s because arcades were a destination, a place for you to hang out with your pals and have fun. And if you want to replicate that enjoyment, then how better than a modern arcade cabinet packed with the greatest of hits?
Step forward the Arcade1UP cabinets, a range of amazing machines that bring the arcade home with no quarters or tokens required.
They allow your favorite games from yesteryear to come back to life in the way that they should always be played – with arcade-style joysticks, trackballs and buttons.
At a wallet-friendly introductory rate of $299 they really are a bargain. But if you want to guarantee one, then you’ll need to be quick.
GameStop, which is the only retailer allowing pre-orders in store, expects them to sell as fast as your reactions will need to be to master these games. You can, however, also order at

But why are they set to be popular? Well, the cabinets will inevitably light up your room thanks to a 17-inch LCD screen that will perfectly showcase the games in their original form, with the same graphics and sounds that made them instantly appealing the first time around.
The machines will also turn heads for their sheer presence since each upright cabinet stands at three-fourths the size of the original machine.
Most crucially, however, are the classic games you’ll be able to enjoy.
GameStop will have a finger-twitching four cabinets in total and each one contains up to four games.

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The Asteroids-led cabinet comes with the addition of Major Havoc, Lunar Lander and Tempest;
Rampage is bundled with Gauntlet, Joust and Defender;

Centipede includes Missile Command, Crystal Castles and Atari Millipede; and
Street Fighter II Champion Edition has the addition of Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.

But just as important as the selection of games, is the look of the cabinets, each of which are faithfully decorated with the eye-catching marquee and side artwork of the leading title.
This was no mean feat for Arcade1UP which went to great lengths to find the original art sheets in order to recreate them, helping those memories to come flooding back.
To add to the fun, the cabinets need to be self-assembled so you get a chance to go behind the scenes of the machines and get up close with each of the parts inside and out. This is a very simple process and it has enabled the makers to keep the cost of these impressive cabinets down.
Don’t forget, you need to get your pre-order in to guarantee one or more of the cabinets, though. Ask the staff at your local GameStop for more information or head over to