10 Secrets to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday is coming and more calories sneak around the four corners of the house– eggnog of your neighborhood, crispy cookies, yummy jelly doughnuts for Hanukkah or delicious sweet chocolates in your stockroom. All of these are additional calories for your body. If you are Americans, you will gain twice pound as you are today by New Year’s Day.
Is there a problem gaining weight on holiday if it is just a pound? Researchers of National Institutes of Health says that Americans don’t lose their weight that they acquire during wintertime. The weight continues to add up year after year which can lead to obesity.
You don’t have to worry about this, it is still possible to experience and enjoy the holiday foods without adding some pounds.
Well, it is hard to control the serving patrol when you can see the foods all over the corners. Here are the 10 secrets to avoid holiday weight gain:
Eat before going to a party

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Try to eat healthy snacks before the party. If ever you feel hungry, drink more water to fill up the hungriness before having your food in the plate.
Divert Attention

As we go to the party, we think about food, but no, there’s more to do in a holiday event aside foods. Focus on other things like spending time with your friends, chit-chat, dancing or creating a meaningful conversation.
Pace Yourself

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Try chew slowly and with every bite, put your fork down. This is the biggest secret that most of us don’t know!
Count Your Canaps

Familiar with Canaps? It is simple to drop count how many canaps you’ve consumed in a party, always to keep track by hiding a toothpick inside your pocket for every canaps. Set a limitation.

Outsmart Buffet

Can you see a buffet-style dinner? If yes, avoid stocking foods in your plate, instead, use a small plate. The simplest nutritious food is the best. Look for the vegetables and fresh fruits too.
Limit Alcohol

Drinking alcohol in a holiday party must be avoided. Discipline is important during the holiday. If you are drunk, there is a great tendency that you’ll lose control and most probably will eat all the food that you can see.
If you can’t go to a party without some drinks, just try a club soda or water.
Right Choice of Sweets

Do you love desserts? Be choosy in selecting what kind of dessert you will have. Limit yourself and choose only a small part of the dessert that you are craving for.
Bringing Own Treats
If you’re planning to attend a friend’s party or an office gathering, think to bring low-calorie food that you will enjoy. Having your own treats will help you to have alternatives and make you less tempted to other foods at the party.
Never feel that your treats need to be like the ideal Christmas fare. Fruits are great and many will love it for sure!
Control ‘Tasting’ While Cooking

If you have lots of cuisines to do during the holiday, avoid all those “tasting” moments. When you cook food, you usually try to taste and test its flavor. So during these moments, only taste a very small portion in a small spoon.

The family walk – exercise. Have this new tradition in spending your holiday. Instead of talking and sitting around, try to get a walk and burn some calories. This may help you and this will take everyone away from food in a while. Try to convince your family to take a walk before a meal and after a meal. A very healthy part of every holiday party.
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