15 Most Hated Foods by Kids

Here are the 15 most hated foods by kids and how to make them love these foods.
1. Fish

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Fish is known to be a brain booster and rich in Omega 3. Mealtime tantrum is mostly observed when fish is served because of its texture, smell, and taste. If you’re used to serve salmon fish-like to your kids, why not bake it, seasoned with breadcrumbs (whole-wheat) and partner it with cocktail sauce or ketchup. Pair the fish with your kid’s favorite dish, and you might never know, they will eat it.
2. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have a good smell indeed, however, when it’s boiled and cooked too much, the appealing aroma turns the other way around. It is very nutritious, you might want to use your hidden artistry talent to serve it wonderfully. Try to choose fresh and not the frozen one to avoid unattractiveness and mushiness. Use stir fry method in cooking instead of boiling it to dodge of overcooking. Make the sprouts into a half, drizzle it with garlic in olive oil combined with pepper and salt, or you can bacon or nuts to add spice a little bit.
3. Broccoli

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Serving pure broccoli for a meal won’t be appealing to kids. It produces a bad odor if overcooked, a big turn-off for kids. Try to simmer it in boiling water for 4-5 mins until it becomes bright green. To add flavor and aroma, after draining the broccoli, you can sprinkle it with cheese (cheddar), put it in an oven and bake until you see the cheese melting for 10-15 mins. Your family will surely love it and it will be their ultimate favorite.
Another way to serve that can attract kids is to roast it. Combine pepper, salt, and olive oil, put inside the oven (15 mins at 400 Degrees) and you’ll have a perfect dish. After school, you can also make a delicious raw broccoli for your kids. Ready a precut veggie in the fridge, add salad dressing or dip (low-fat) so when your kids arrived home, they can eat something healthy prior to dinner. Take a look at these 10 Simple to Cook Healthy Borcolli Recipes.
4. Eggs

Egg is rich in protein. It’s a good way to start your day by eating something with egg, however, kids though are not mesmerized with its smell. One of the suggested snacks is boiled egg. Once the egg cools down after boiling, put it in the fridge and when its snack time, remove the yolk and change it with hummus or guacamole.
If your kids hate to eat the hard-boiled egg, try to make another recipe, there are plenty. Just add milk and some seasoning, scramble it and its perfect for English Muffin and white bread.
5. Avocado

Kids often refuse eating avocado because of its consistency and texture or let’s just say you’re not familiar with how to prepare it. Either sandwich like turkey plus cheese or salads, avocado is great to pair up with it. Avocados when thinly sliced, without being seen are often placed between the turkey and cheese. Guacamole is the replacement for those people who hate avocado. Guacamole is used to enhance healthy heart fat combine with tomatoes. Kids will enjoy it, especially when paired with their loved dishes.
6. Peaches

Peaches can be attracted to kids when served peeled. You can check the peaches which are chopped in 100% juice. A sure time-saver for parents and a nice addition in kid’s lunchbox.
7. Cauliflower

Cauliflower might not have a good smell for adults and kids, but it has anti-oxidant properties and included in the family of cruciferous. If there’s a mashed potato, you can also mash the cauliflower and it will surely be loved by your kids. Simply boil the cauliflower, once done you can mash it using a food processor or by hand, add butter and milk, then served. The new recipe could become one the family’s favorite. It’s also great for diet to help lessen the starchy carbs.
8. Beans

Thinking beyond beans and franks, beans alone are unlikely to eat. It should be mixed in any of the family’s loved dishes. Black beans are one of the great ingredients in nachos (homemade), salsas, and burritos, just add cheese for additional flavoring. It is proven to have high fiber and protein for children’s diet. During the season of fall, kidney beans are perfect in chili.
9. Asparagus

Due to lack of seasoning, a taste of bitterness and overboiled, asparagus may not likely to be eaten. Asparagus is full of vitamins and must be included in the kid’s diet. A perfect way to cook it is via roast. You need a bunch of asparaguses, sizzle with pepper and kosher salt, put in oven and roast it for fifteen to twenty minutes at 400 degrees cool then serve. Let kids have excitement by eating it with their fingers and chew it whole.
10. Greek Yogurt

Kids love yogurt, but they always pick the one which has less protein and full sugar. Plain and Greek yogurt may taste bitter and yogurt with chunks of food might be too much for kids. Greek yogurt has less sugar and is rich in protein. Nowadays, there are new flavored Greek Yogurt like Chobani and Fage that have rich in protein and low in sugar. Peaches, berries, or pureed strawberries can also be added in plain yogurt or Greek with a small amount of honey.
11. Whole-Wheat Bread

It’s very difficult for parents to push kids to choose whole-wheat bread over white bread. Don’t worry, there are alternatives for it, so the kids won’t notice the difference. The first thing you need to do is to check the ingredients which is “whole wheat”. Another alternative is the wrap (whole-wheat). There are a lot of recipes you can do with the wrap that will surely love by kids like making a tortilla chip out of the wrap. Whole-wheat is rich in fiber, perfect inclusion for the children’s diet. Another option is to let them switch first to seedless rye which has a color from white bread. Seedless Rye also has a low glycemic index and won’t make your kids easily hungry.
12. Spinach

Spinach, as we all know, is the superfood of Popeye. If only he can sell it, I’m sure we are all healthy and fit. Nevertheless, it seems like it’s not appealing and tastes disgusting to kids. Since spinach is versatile, it can be a great ingredient anywhere. You can add it to your pizza as a topping, mix it casseroles, and you can combine it in your salad. No doubt your kids will consume it all.
13. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese as we all know is rich in protein. Kids though don’t like its consistency, blandness, and texture, like eating a lemon for them. Nothing to worry, there are a lot of recipes to make for kids to love it. You can add this to mac and cheese and some dips, they won’t even notice the cottage cheese. Who knows, this could be added to your family’s loved dishes.
14. Chicken

Surprisingly, chicken is part of kids most hated food especially if they are not formed in tender form or nuggets. It can be difficult for mom and dad to let their kids consume it. Adding too much sauce and spices might be a turnoff for your children. Kids might think it’s completely a new dish for them. Simplicity is the key to let the kids loved it. A lot of healthy recipes without fats and calories are available like the baked chicken mix in breadcrumbs (whole-wheat), chicken that is oven-fried, or even grilling with the kid’s most favorite condiments and those are some of the ways to mimic their fav dishes.
15. Water

Water is definitely not a food, but why is it included? This is a big issue perhaps for parents. Parents tend to keep this healthy beverage on the back shelf because of juice and soda. Kids prefer to drink soda or juice instead of water. Parents often think of alternatives to make their children consume water. One suggestion is to add water in juice. If they are drinking 8oz every time, make it 6oz and add 2oz of water for it to be diluted. Little by little, lessen the juice and increase the water until they drink only the splash of juice and 8oz of water. Always keep the water in the fridge and place them in front of the juice so that it’s the first one to be noticed. You can also add some fruit slices to captivate kids’ eye.
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