Petite Girl’s Hack: How to Appear Taller and Slimmer in 22 Ways

Petite girls are also as beautiful as the other taller girls. Being petite is unique. It also makes them look younger than your age, which gives their partner a reason to treat them like a baby every day.

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Your partner will not love you less just because you’re a little shorter in height compared to another woman, besides he will find you cute and irresistible.

The important thing is how you manage to bring out the best in you, the way you wear and the way you look. While you enjoy the love and care from others, here are the 22 tricks and tips on how to appear taller and slimmer.

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1.Shortest Shorts

Planning to use shorts, short dresses, short skirts? Well, you can wear them as long as you want. The shorter, the better because it shows more of your skin. Make sure always that your legs look longer than your trunk because it will make you look taller with longer legs.

2. Maxi Dresses

Don’t ever think that wearing short shorts is the only alternative. Look for those lovely maxi dresses that can fit perfectly in your body and can show those body curves.

Since this kind of dress embraces the entire body in a single stretch, it gives a perfect figure without stressing either the longer or the smaller part of your body, these will help you look slimmer and higher.

3. Semi-fitted or Fitted Clothes

Baggy and loose clothes are clothes that should be avoided by petite women because it drives their height and makes them smaller as their usual height. Rather, choose and wear a dress that fits your shape to make you look skinny, tighter and taller.

4. Shoes with Low Cut Vamps and with Heels

Your toes are covered by the vamps of the shoe (top surface). Boots can be a perfect example of a vamp with a high cut. For petite girls, it is best to wear shoes with low cut vamps to make your legs look longer because it shows more skin. Ever notice when using a set of boots? It makes you look smaller because it shows less skin-cutting your legs direct at the ankle.

5. Shoes with No Straps Around Ankles

When choosing shoes for yourself, avoid choosing those with straps around your ankles, it cut your legs at the ankle part making a vision as if your legs end there. No problem if there is a strap that covers your toes, just take note not to use those shoes with straps that cover the ankle.

6. Small Prints and Small Adornments

Petite women should avoid using clothes with larger and full prints, and instead, choose clothes with small and fewer prints, no decorations and accessories. Huge prints are strong and it will catch the attention and will make you look petite.

7. Slits in Miniskirts and Clothes

Adding slits sideways or back of your skirts or clothes is quite good to make you appear taller. It allows showing a hint of your skin. Showing your legs will help you to look slender and sexy too.

8. Sport Shoes and Sneakers Insoles

Placing insoles inside your shoes can help you look taller even it is flat. Ordinary snickers and shoes for sport are flats so try to place insoles inside. You can also try it on another flat you have. Men are normally using this trick to increase their height.

9. Thinner Belts

Use thinner belts instead of a huge one. Huge belts will divide your figure horizontally and will make you look smaller in height. Wearing of thinner belts above your waist will help to make your legs look longer, making your figure at the exact place.

10. Color Coordination

Make sure that the color of your bottoms is matched with your shoes. There’s a magic in color coordination. When there’s a break in color between your bottoms and the portion below your ankle, this will result to you make smaller. But if the colors are equal, they will look from the upper to bottom without ending at the ankle and possesses the idea of having longer legs.

11. One Color and Solid Color

Monochromatic style or using one color must be tried by petite women because single color clothes cannot create a break in one’s eye, it will not break your figure into sections, and they will look you from upper to bottom which will give them the impression of a slimmer and thin figure.

12. Mini Bags

In buying a handbag, choose the handbags that are not too huge and big. Handbags must suit your figure and structure because huge handbags will make you small.

13. Buns and Top Knots

Don’t want to cut your beautiful and stunning hair? Make it that way! You may try applying several hairstyles to your gorgeous long hair to add some little inches to the height of your body. Some of these hairstyles include messy high buns, front puffs, bouffant, and top knot ponytails.

14. Pointed Toe- Flats

Most Petite girls feel bothered to think that they need to depend on heels to be in their best look, but this will only make them uncomfortable every day! Here’s how to rock those flats or low shoes as you rock your set of heels. Purchase pointed toe- flats with low cut vamps. To make your legs appear elongated, follow this trick and also choose that shoe with color that is closer to your skin tone.

15. Unbottoned Jackets

Wearing unbuttoned jackets that has an equal texture of your top can deliver an idea of a fixed vertical line. As a result, it makes you slimmer. Much better if the color of your jacket coordinates with the color of your bottom, with vertical lines, and monochromatic impact will help you to look slimmer and taller.

16. Short Tops

Crop top may also add some height increase. Always bear in mind that tops should not go under your hips. Let the edge of the tops end at your waist or up so that it will not give your legs a shorter look than their original size.

17. Chopped Hair

The trend of hairstyle nowadays are short hairstyles, cutting your hair into short will give you a taller figure. Having a long hair will horizontally cut your figure at the wrong position and make you look petite.

18. Smaller Armholes

Petite women must keep away using clothes with huge armholes like Dolman sleeves because a dress like that tends to eat you up, making you to look puny. Wearing a dress with smaller sleeves will help you to define your arms and carving well. Never let the dress hide the portion of your small figure.

19. Plunging Necklines

Select a dress that has a V-shaped or low cut neckline that delivers to extend your structure and give a vision of length, from your waist to the upper top, rather than wearing of round and boxy necklines that will expand your frame.

20. Vertical Stripes

Clothes that have vertical stripes is a good choice for small ladies. Those vertical stripes create an illusion to appear taller. Select clothes that are vertically striped and keep away from clothes that have horizontal stripes, it makes you look shorter and larger.

21. High Waist Pants

Crop tops with plunging necklines with high waistline pants to make your taller. Bottoms that begin over your hipbones cut the section below of your figure. Therefore it makes your legs look longer. The longer your legs become visible, the taller you look.

22. Proper Bras

Wearing of the exact size of bras under your dresses will definitely help you to highlight the curve of your figure. Sometimes we are not aware of this method. We have different body types from each other, and we should use the right size and shape of our bra because it will give us the correct position and compliments our figure. This way, it will show up the sexiest of our curves.

Ladies, while using these tips and tricks, we should not forget that we should maintain the right body posture to make us look the best. Selecting several stretching workouts will aid you in correcting your slouchy positions, as a result of our unusual lifestyles. Correct posture and applying these tips and tricks will do the magic!
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