10 Reasons Why You Should Try a Short Haircut

If a hairstyle works for you, falling back is not hard, however, that could also mean the feeling is easy in the hair rut. To make you feel comfy in cutting the length of your hair, even if it’s having a bob, shaving it, or putting some layers, here are the 10 reasons why you should try a short haircut.

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10. Hair Grows Again.

It may sound cliche, but hair grows again and that’s the truth. You have the option to cut your hair whenever your hair nurture long enough, you’ll never know it’s already long again.

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9. With the New Look of Yours, You’ll Learn to Style; However, If You Don’t Know, You Need to Ask Someone.

A long haircut can be tied into topknot or ponytail, can have a low bun tie, or you have it braid compared to short hair which is challenging to style. Nevertheless, it gives you freedom for deciding to cut your hair and having a small amount of hair to deal with every day. You just need to ensure that your stylist is good. The reason why it’s important is #1 Your mane man or woman should consider your lifestyle and give you the hairstyle that can make you comfortable to style with regularly #2 Your hairstylist should show you how to style the haircut so you can confidently stand up in the new style.

8. It Can Make You Feel Empowered.

Once you enter the salon and sit to its chair, adrenaline might boost you and let you anticipate 5 inches or greater dropping towards the floor. Since you own your hair, you can cut in any style you wanted it to be, that would make the whole experience somewhat very energizing.

7. The Haircut of Yours Will Not Define You.

Yourself define yourself. Your friends might see and double-take in the new hairstyle you have, however that will not mean you are already a changed person or they will not recognize you.

6. It Gives You Excitement.

It will be very dull if sometimes you always have the same style, that’s why whenever having a haircut, you must have a psyched feeling to stand up on the chair with a regain look knowing it’s your best so far. Never be frightened of changing your style, you can even try bangs at your very least. We all know that change is frightening and the feeling of anxiety that’s brought by cutting your hair is real. Try to change your perspective to positivity rather into negativity.

5. You’ll Somehow Feel Comfier on Your New Haircut.

If you’re open to change, your new hairstyle will let you feel yourself more or perhaps comfier than before. Of course, you will not know how it feels unless you try! Look at Jennifer Hudson in her early years, she took the risk from pixie style – buzz hairstyle and both looked fierce.

4. After a Haircut, You Hair Might Look Healthier.

I don’t say that your current hair looks bad, but you might hold your hairstyle for a long time and will end up looks thinner and stringer on its ends.

3. You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Partner’s Opinion; They Will Definitely Love You Still.

Your self is the one who always looks in front of the mirror right? If you wanted to have a long bob, then go for it. We normally hear most of the woman say, “But my partner is not okay for short hair.” If your boyfriend is only dating you because of long hair, I guess you have to evaluate your relationship. You must take a risk because “You Only Live Once”.

2. If You are Not Yet Get Used to Your New Haircut, You Might Need a Week

It can be overwhelming on the initial shock of getting it cut, a week is you can give to let your hair grow a little bit more, and it could end up on wanting it more. Nevertheless, if it’s already two weeks and you still don’t like it, perhaps it ended up with a bad cut. Don’t hesitate in going back to the salon and ask your stylist to help you fix it. Every stylist would like to make you happy since for them, you’re a billboard that walks. So never be afraid of going back to them and tell them kindly what you don’t like.

1. You Can Still Feel and Look Sexy.

For everyone, long hair is sexy. However, it is already 2019, and anyone in a different kind of haircut might look sexy as long as they feel sexy on it. You might love your new haircut and even congratulate yourself for facing your deepest fear – cutting your hair.
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