8 Best Ways to Save Money

In a word full of fascinating places to visit, high-end gadgets, luxurious cars, online shops and many more (plus easy access to credit cards), it is very tempting to spend some of your hard-earned and worst, might end up bankrupt and with a huge amount of debt.
Check out these 8 best ways to save money.
1. Slash that Debt!
Start first with your debt. If you have a debt burden, well, it’s time to end that load! Start to pay whatever debt you have. No debt, no interest, no problem!

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2. Set your Savings Goals.
Visualize your goals for saving money. Make yourself motivated by setting a timeline with the target amount. If you are planning to buy a property in two years with a 20 percent downpayment, having a target goal can motivate you to save each week or month.

3. Save Each Payday.
Don’t forget to pay yourself first. Set a certain amount to save a specific amount every payday. Most importantly, discipline yourself not to cheat or miss!

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4. Limit Smoking.
It’s not easy to abruptly quit smoking but atleast try to stop smoking gradually. Just imagine how much you can save everyday if you quit consuming one pack of cigarettes per day!

5. Enjoy a Staycation.
Find time to enjoy. A good vacation doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a big amount of money on tickets to achieve your dream travel. Try to look for cheaper means or places near your home that you can enjoy.

6. Utility Savings.
Lower the thermostat of your utilities to save you in energy cost. Go for a tankless water heater to save up to 30 percent than using a tank water heater with standard storage.

8. From Credit Card to Cash.
Paying your bills or groceries in cash can help you monitor your spending than relying on your cards.

7. Prepare your Lunch.
A delicious lunch cooked from home can save you more than buying your lunch in the canteen or any fast-food restaurants. Small savings a day on food can create a thousand dollars savings a year. And that can already contribute to your retirement fund!

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