Packing Assistant Needed

We are looking for a Packing Assistant to join the team at triple Helix Wargames
Fulltime Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. 1 hour lunch break. 28 Days holiday annually.
Annual Salary – National Living Wage for over 25’s – £16,009.50, National Minimum Wage for under 25’s – £15,015.00. Plus pension.
Main Purpose of Job
This post will be responsible for packing and dispatching the products from our eBay and web business.
Key tasks/duties
There are 2 sides to our business, eBay and website. Our eBay stock is all second hand and so requires delicate but nimble fingers and our web stock is all boxed new product and so requires less delicacy but a greater amount of accuracy and speed.
The key responsibilities of this role include:
• Picking product ready for dispatching.
• Packaging the product.
• Applying the correct postage labels.
Personal Attributes
The vast majority of this role is packing the product which varies considerably between second hand and web stock and the ideal candidate will either have some experience in a packing and dispatching environment or be able to demonstrate a high degree of fast, but gentle packing technique.
This role is very task and target driven and so the potential employee must be able to work efficiently and diligently to achieve their targets in a high pressure environment. The role involves being on your feet all day, so must be physically capable.
Applications to be sent FAO Charlotte Judson via email to [email protected] Applications should include a letter explaining why you feel this is the post for you and an up to date CV.

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