Bolt Action Painting Competition

You know that box of British infantry that has been sitting on your shelve? Or that half assembled IS-2 tank you keep telling “one day, one day!” How about a challenge?
I give you until Thursday the 30th of April to paint up an HQ choice, an infantry unit and a vehicle. We then post pictures of the entries on the Triple Helix Wargames Facebook and Instagram pages. The winner will be decided by the picture with the most combined likes (and other emojis) after one week.
Yes you can submit miniatures that you finished weeks ago. Where is the fun in that? This is your chance to paint up that small band of US soldiers you always wanted to and kept delaying or finally finish that tank in pink desert camouflage (no really, look it up).
What do you say? Up for the challenge!?!
– Entries must be submitted by the end of Thursday the 30th of April 2020;
– To submit the entry you must email a maximum of three (3) pictures to [email protected] (subject: Bolt Action Painting Competition);
– The entry must consist of one HQ choice (1-3 miniatures), an infantry unit (5-10 miniatures) and a vehicle (any model with a damage value of 6+);
– All miniatures must be official Warlord Games Bolt Action miniatures. Note that conversions are allowed, as long as the main part of the miniature is an official Bolt Action figure;
On Friday the 1st of May all the entries will be posted on the Triple Helix Wargames Facebook and Instagram pages. The pictures with the most likes, thumbs up, hearts, etc, after one week, will be announced as the winner (so a thumbs down for the competition will actually count as a vote);
– The winner will receive an “Oddball” Kelly’s Heroes T-shirt with some extra goodies and the runner-up will receive a T-shirt;
– Prizes will be shipped out once social distancing and movement restrictions have been lifted and only after correspondence with the winner;
– No cash alternative is available as substitution for the prizes;
– This competition is open to any hobbyist and including employees of Triple Helix Wargames and Warlord Games.
Have fun and good luck . . .

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