P2P network with the support of protocols

How to Build a Blockchain App.
November 20, 2018 Leave a reply The blockchain revolution is one of the hottest topics and has been increasing its penetration into every business sector, from social media platforms to offices and top news websites, thanks to its potential to improve the efficiency of businesses.
Blockchain technology is also playing a vital role in app development , with decentralized applications (dAPPs)—blockchain-based apps not controlled by any single entity—gaining popularity among developers.
Numerous users can run these apps on a decentralize d, P2P network with the support of protocols.
You must have, at least, a basic understanding of blockchain technology to build a blockchain app.
You can attend blockchain related seminars and conferences to expand your knowledge, along with studying courses and reading blogs.
To build a blockchain app, you must first select the platforms that would help in building blockchain solutions .
Below are the top five platforms that the app development companies usually consider for blockchain/DLT development: Ethereum: the majority of developers prefer to use Ethereum blockchain to build their dApp.
It is an adaptable and flexible open-source platform with smart-contract functionality .
Multichain: This platform enables mobile app developers to build and use private blockchain solutions that they are planning to use within or amongst multiple organization s.
Hyperledger: This is also an open-source platform that developers use to build blockchain solutions.
Most blockchain solutions that are built on Hyperledger include blockchain apps for supply chain management.
IOTA: This is one of the best open-source DLT-based solutions that developers use to increase the speed and security of payment between connected IoT devices.

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The IOTA blockchain platform uses a directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology

which reduces the cost of transaction regardless of the size of the transaction and handles unlimited transactions with faster confirmation times.
After understanding the different platforms to build a blockchain app, it is important to understand which platform fulfills all your requirements and objectives.
Once these are clear, you can move on to the practical steps of building a blockchain app.
Below are the three steps that will help you in making a blockchain-based app.
Select the Appropriate Consensus-Based Method: This ensures the security and unconditional accessibility of the blockchain.

A few examples of common alternatives are Proof of Elapsed Time

Proof of Work, and Proof of Stake.

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Design Architecture: The design architecture is important for configuration

For example, developers can choose to host blockchain with hybrid, cloud-based, or in-house models.
UI and Admin Panel Design: Develop the UI and admin panel of the blockchain app through a front-end programming language, designated app servers, and an external database.
Once you have successfully developed a blockchain app, you must continue to improve your blockchain application over time by adding new blockchain features and receiving feedback from analytics.
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How to Build a Blockchain App.