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Related Solutions IoT App Development Services.
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The Next Evolution of Open Innovation – What’s Next?
Tuesday September 08, 2020

The Next Evolution of Open Innovation – What’s Next?. 20 04 2011 [tweetmeme] This last week I was at the Marcus Evans Open Innovation Conference giving a presentation on “The Next Evolution of Openness” – Getting back on the speaking circuit finally gave me a little thinking time away from building a rapidly growing consulting practice […]

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Access to Work Website Key Contact
Tuesday September 08, 2020

Awareness Training. Awareness Training. Our Disability Awareness Training is designed for any institutions working with people with disabilities whether they are clients or employees. The training helps attendees understand the needs of disabled people and how an organisation can help support them. Our Disability Awareness Training is designed for any institutions working with people with […]

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Agriculture Software Development for Agriculture

ELEKS helps agriculture innovate, to balance supply, reduce losses and optimise production under increasing pressures.
14% According to MRC predicted growth of Global Smart Farming Market by 2026 – reaching over $18 billion.

ELEKS’ Software Development for Agriculture Helps you Optimise production

boost revenue.
Agriculture requires complex, time-consuming, systems processes and data flows.
The software solutions we develop for agriculture let you automate up to 90% of your business workflow, to make seasonal planning, monitoring, field works and sales simpler and more cost-effective.

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Tuesday September 08, 2020

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Use your data to plan production

We’ll help you transform your data into accurate predictions that allow you to plan smarter scheduling, crop distribution and yields.
Our software solutions provide a strong dataset that can bring your accuracy to within 5%.
Unify your operations with IoT.
We’ll help you connect the most relevant technologies – sensors, weather stations, drones and connected agricultural tools – to monitor crops and livestock, collate data and react to critical issues, faster.
So you can minimise losses and make smarter predictions for future production.
Balance your supply and save revenue.
We’ll work with you to introduce planning and supply management tools that help you balance your essential stocks of seeds, fuel, fertilisers and crop protection chemicals.
So over-stocking doesn’t result in lost revenue on transport, warehousing and unscheduled deliveries.

Collaborate better through Mobile

ELEKS can help you integrate simple mobile technologies, seamlessly, across your fields, warehouses, labs and admin facilities – for better business-wide collaboration and more efficient production.
Ready to see what we can do for you?.
Contact Us How our Software Development for Agriculture Works Integration and automation solutions Our agriculture software development service connects and automates your IT infrastructure, to help you identify gaps in processes and communication that can slow production.
Reduce resource costs with a custom integration service or pre-developed middleware solution that enables seamless connectivity and data transfer, between all of your systems.
Big Data and advanced analytics Our agile Data Science capabilities allow us to analyse your data and help you apply powerful predictive and prescriptive modelling tools – like Machine Learning for crop yield prediction and climate change impact.
So you can concentrate on day-to-day business and make smarter farming decisions in the future.
Custom software solutions We’ll partner with you to understand your complex business needs – adding skills and expertise or flexible, scalable, resource – so you can deliver a high-quality project, faster.
Our experts can support delivery of solutions from back-end systems to web, desktop and mobile apps.
Technologies we work with Data Science and Predictive modelling Analytics and visualisation Platforms and microservices IoT Mobile Our Success ELEKS’ mapping solution advances geospatial planning and visualisation.
Strategic planning with advanced time series prediction.
Featured Content.
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