World’s 10 Worst Natural Disasters

As the world gets older, we experience more natural disasters. There were even which made it in our history due to the devastating effects they caused. However, these disasters will continue to arise without notice. History tends to repeat itself; that’s why it’s better to be prepared.
Here is the list of the most devastating natural disasters in the world that you must be aware of.
1. Haiti Earthquake (2010)
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The Haiti Earthquake is one of the most powerful earthquakes globally, with its magnitude of 7.0. With the extent that it had, Haiti was greatly rocked and caused aftershocks to its people. It was one of the latest natural disasters that left a massive impact in Haiti, with over 200,000 deaths, and millions were left with destroyed homes.
2. Hurricane Katrina (2005)
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Hurricane Katrina was considered the 6th strongest hurricane that the United States had ever experienced, with over $81 billion damages. It struck the gulf coast and created a great flood. It caused catastrophic effects on the people and state.
3. Hurricane Andrew (1992)
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Unites States was hit by a hurricane named Andrew in the year 1992 and made itself in the country’s history. It was the 5th worst hurricane in the US because of the tremendous destruction in people’s properties, infrastructures, and lives.
4. Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (2011)

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In 2011, an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 attacked the country of Japan. It was considered as one of the most damaging earthquakes that had hit the country. It caused death to millions of people; some were injured or left missing. Tohoku ruined many infrastructures and even triggered another disaster that could’ve resulted in a nuclear disaster. It produced a tsunami with waves as high as 77 ft. which made it the strongest and most destructible one that was recorded in Japan’s history.
5. Tsunami (2004)

On December 26, 2004, Sumatra was hit with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake near its coast. It resulted to tsunamis with waves as high as 30 meters in the Indian Ocean. Because of this, many countries were the greatest hit. It killed about 225,000-275,000 people within the 14 countries, thus making it one of the most dangerous and destructive disasters ever recorded in history.
6. Tangshan Earthquake (1976)

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On the 28th of July 1976, a massive earthquake shocked millions of individuals at Tangshan, China. The drastic earthquake with 8.3 magnitude caused thousands of deaths of people estimating around 255,000 individuals who tragically died during this disaster.
7. Cyclone Nargis (2008)

On the 2nd day of May 2008, Myanmar was badly hit by the cyclone Nargis. These caused around 140,000 deaths. Estimating around $10 billion damages; after the typhoon Nina last 1975, this violent earthquake is said to be the second deadliest earthquake ever recorded in our history.
8. China Earthquake (2008)

One of the most violent earthquakes that hit the Sichuan province of China on May 12, 2008. The 7.9 magnitude (on the Richter scale) earthquake killed around 87,000 people and left thousands of individuals homeless. Several of the victims were buried beneath the crushed debris of the collapse communities.
9. Iran Earthquake (2003)

The 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Iran has caused massive damage in Iran’s Bam city around the province of Kerman in southeastern Iran. Approximately 30,000 individuals were left injured and about 26, 000 people have died.
10. Pakistan Earthquake (2005)

In 2005, the Kashmir earthquake killed about 80,000 individuals in Kashmir and Southwestern Pakistan. The tremors caused by the earthquake were felt in neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Western China. Approximately 1,400 individuals have died in the Indian-administered Kashmir.
As we look in our surroundings, various natural disasters are evident and we experience most of them in our lives. These natural disasters made an enormous impact on the world. Lets always stay alert and prepare ourselves for what possibly may happen at any time.
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