10 Amazing Facts About Dogs that You Should Know

Do you already know everything about your canine companions? Check out below the 10 surprising facts about your dogs.

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Dogs Know Time Very Well

Dogs know if it’s already time for a walk or dinner. They can pick up our habits and routines, and they also can sense how much time has passed.

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Dogs can Smell your Feelings

Your subtle scent changes can be picked up by your pup, which helps him determine their feelings like when you feel fearful or nervous, he can smell your perspiration. It’s also the same when dogs are detecting some disease or maybe a member of the household is pregnant.

Dogs are Smart Like a Toddler of 2 Years of Age

Wondering why your little one and your pup get along very well? It’s because they are speaking the same body language! Or at least they both understand those words and gestures.

The Whiskers of Dogs is a Big Help for Seeing in the Dark

Dogs’ whiskers can help them in the dark, especially if there are changes in air currents. This provides information about the speed, shape and size of things nearby, which is beneficial, especially if there is approaching danger or prey at night.

Dogs & Cats are Slurping the Water in a Similar Way

This is hard to believe as dogs are known to be a messy drinker. However, like cats, dogs also bend their tongue, specifically the tip, and make the liquid rise in the column up to their mouths.

Dogs’ Mouth can Exert an Average Of 320 lbs of Pressure

This was tested on a Rottweiler, Pitbull terrier, and German Shepherd. If they have 320, humans can exert 120lbs, white sharks for 600lbs, and the largest crocodile, which can exert 2500 lbs. And compared to adults, dogs have 10 more permanent teeth.

A 1-Year-Old Puppy is as Mature Physically as a 15-Year-Old Human

The age of the dog depends on their breeds. Larger breeds age faster than smaller ones. Using a ”Dog Age Calculator”, you can get an exact comparison of your dog’s age.

The Sweat Glands of Dogs are Only at Their Paws

Specifically, their sweat glands are only found in the middle of their paw pads. During the hot days, the sweat glands help to wet the bottom part of your dog’s feet, and it’s also the reason dogs are relying on panting to cool them down.

Compared to Humans, Dogs can Hear 4 Times Better

Even if puppies are born deaf, they quickly surpass the hearing abilities of humans. Dogs can hear the sounds of a higher pitch, detecting 67 – 45 Hz frequency cycles/second compared to humans with 64 – 23,000 Hz. The hearing of the upper-end decreases for both humans and dogs with age.

Compared to Humans, Dogs’ Smelling Sensation is 1000 – 10M Times Better

Depending on their breed, your dog has 125M – 300M scent glands that are way higher than humans that only have 5M. Additionally, a part of their brain that’s responsible for smell is 40x larger than ours even if the size of their canine brain is smaller compared to us. Our brain is 1/40th of our body weight and 1/125th in the dogs.

We’re hoping that this list will help you appreciate more your best friend. They are such great companions and truly incredible.
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