10 Tips to Start Your Decluttering Journey

Less things, less clutter.
Minimalism might be a new thing for you, but did you know the benefits of having less? If you are planning to pursue decluttering your place but doesn’t know how to and when to start, check out the tips below.
Here are the 10 Tips to Start Your Decluttering Journey
1. The best time to start is NOW

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The benefits of minimalism may start when you’re ready to let go. You shouldn’t expect to do it all at once and make big progress in just one day. Start it out by doing small steps in the right direction and results will follow.
Remember, it’s always a marathon, but it should never be rushed. Just start it today.
2. It builds up confidence

The ability to make confident decisions increases when you start small. If we learn to cut-off the sense within ourselves from the things we’re owning, it will let us live more and consume less.
When you decide successfully between the important things and not into your life, the decisions you’ll make will be faster and have more confidence than before. And as time is moving, this will make your process easier.
3. Start within

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By starting from within is the greatest way to see the minimalism benefits. Be an example of a person who finds satisfaction in living with less.
When you’re beginning to make decisions about which items to let go of, avoid shared items. This may be difficult when you’re living with your spouse, long time housemates, or other people that surround you. Time will come that those things need to be considered, cross the bridge only if needed.
4. Challenges may arise, but stick to your goal

Start small for you to avoid being too overwhelmed. Thinking about opening your closet full of clothes might be stressful for you. Take one step at a time to declutter those unused clothings. This may take dedication, courage and lots of motivation to keep you going.
5. Getting stuck? Try to move on.

There will be something that you’ll struggle with. It’s perfectly fine if there will be things you are undecided about.
If you’re stuck on an item and you’ve dwelled on it for hours, then move onto something else. It can kill the process’s energy and momentum if you do not stop. A time will come you’ll become ready to make your decisions confidently, but maybe not today. The process is done per stage and that stage will come, move on and keep the fire burning.
6. Have that vision to inspire you

Are you aware of visualization exercises? It’s simple. Look for a comfortable and quiet place for you to sit. Visualize the outcome of your plans. Imagine what it looks like if you declutter your place. Think about the ways you want to spend your time if you have less laundry to wash, fewer things to organize, and more power to do important things to you. Imagine doing things that make you happy with people whom you care about the most. Picture out your goal to keep you motivated.
7. Be committed and have fun

Try to commit on donating a piece of cloth for the whole month every day. Add the item to your donation bag and give this to the donation center every end of the month. It will feel nice if you give your clothes to someone for them to use and it will also make you load light.
8. Look for A Community That Supports

If you have a common interest group, use one another as a support to keep accountable for your own goals. Look for that team that can support and encourage you. This is essential for success. You’ll realize that there are people that can’t support the changes you’ve wanted to make and it’s okay. Stick with people who are there to help you achieve your goals
9. Always ask the right questions

Always ask yourself when you decide to whether let go of some things in your life. Is it a need? Does it give you happiness? Does it serve its purpose? These are some few things you can ask yourself.
10. Results take time

Results will never happen overnight just like dieting and exercise.
A change in your lifestyle with positive effects will happen when you embrace minimalism. However, it needs dedication and time. No steam treatment, injection, body wrap, or magic pill can make it done.
Working hard is the only way to endure satisfaction from your minimalist process and its outcome.
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